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Chemical safety labels for the SafetyPro

safetypro NFPA RTK and MSDS labels

NFPA RTK (Right To Know) labels are designed to quickly alert workers near hazardous chemicals to the dangers that they may be exposed to. These dangers might include standard RTK set of "Health", "Fire", "Reactivity" and "Special". Each hazard type is marked with a level, between 0 and 4. SafetyPro RTK labels make NFPA RTK label creation easy.

SafetyPro RTK comes with free software! The SafetyPro RTK software includes a database of nearly 2000 common chemicals, with their CAS numbers and other hazard information, including PPE. All you have to do is select your chemical, and you can instantly print a 2x2, 3x5 or 4x6 NFPA chemical label. It's that easy.

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